To My Future Friends,

"To My Future Friends," imagines a world where empathy, community, and soup can save the day. The story follows a little girl named Annie who, like many of us, is feeling the effects of quarantine and the isolation it brings. Throughout the piece, we see her journey as she makes unlikely friends in unexpected ways. 



To My Future Friends, is an exploration of the medium of shadow play for my senior lighting thesis. Influenced by the style of the company Manual Cinema, I utilized overhead projectors, live actors, transparencies, and paper cutouts to create a multifaceted movement piece told entirely through shadow.

Lighting Designer & Director: Anna Brevetti

Shadow Maker: Danielle DeLaFuente

Sound Editor: Jennie Gorn

Production Assistant: Natalie Main

Actors: Annika Helgeson & Nick Zuluaga

Femina Shakes: Measure for Measure

 A girls reform school undergoes a mutiny in the middle of an English lesson about one of Shakespeare's problem plays, Measure for Measure. The girls revolt, trapping themselves and their teacher inside the building, calling for changes to be made to the cruel rules and regulations they live by. While they work on demands and communicate with the outside, they pass the time by exploring Measure for Measure, finding that their situation is not unlike the one in the play.

For this design, we were given a lot of different worlds to play within. From the high stakes of the hostage situation, the feral joy of the girls, the classic drama of Shakespeare, and the in-between place as the classroom and the play begin to blur. 

Associate Lighting Design: Anna Brevetti & Mckenna Ebert

Director: Erica Terpening-Romeo

Scenic Design: Carlie Condemi

Costume Design: Sam Stafford

Sound Design: Jennie Gorn

Stage Manager: Jolie Frazer-Madge


ChoreoLab: In-Flight

ChoreoLab: InFlight 2019, was the inaugural all-aerial dance showing of works created by instructors and students of the Boston University Dance Program. 

In-Flight was a thrilling introduction to ariel lighting. It was an exciting challenge to have to compose looks that not only considered what was on stage but also what was 12 feet above it. For each piece, I tried to reflect the energy and emotion each choreographer brought while highlighting the grandeur of the show-stopping aerial work. 

Lighting Design: Anna Brevetti

Choreographer: Various

Stage Manager: Úna Rafferty

Videographer: Bill Parsons

Sophomore Design Project

 The Sophomore Design project was a collaboration between the lighting, scenic and sound designers in the class of 2021.  We creates an immersive horror driven installation based around an abandoned picnic and our fear of what hides in the shadows.  

This was an invigorating opportunity to let lighting and sound drive the narrative of a project and work with fellow designers and peers to create something entirely original.

Lighting Design: Anna Brevetti, Jonas Hayes & Devin Sullivan

Sound Design: Jacob Montgomery

Scenic Design: Carlie Condemi & Danielle Ibrahim